Contract manufacturing

Procurement of machine parts according to drawings.
Turning, milling, drilling, grinding, up to the heat treatment.
Steelwork and welding constructions according to drawings.
rpk tec produces individual items as well as series out of almost any material.

We understand contract production as:

» Production of replacement parts according to drawings or samples

» Building of prototypes

» Performance of welding work

» Production of components

Through the Europe-wide procurement of turning- and milling parts rpk tec
is in the position, in addition to its own production capabilities, to offer its
customers a unique variety of customer-specific solutions.
rpk tec offers its customers an exceptionally wide selection of turning- and
milling parts at an attractive price-/performance ratio.

These are the reasons why:

» a strategic supplier of almost any product

» a procurement according to the high rpk tec quality requirements

» exceptionally cost-effective purchasing

» an international network of qualified suppliers

Of course we can also act as your system supplier.
This means that we will provide you with completely assembled modules.
Complete production or also the assembly of supplied parts

All we need from you are the technical data, a drawing and a deadline.
You will immediately receive our offer.
Completely non-bureaucratic, therefore inexpensive, accurate and on time!

We look forward to your request.